Pirate Invasion

August 9th, 2018 by Pecan Tree Inn


It has been three hundred years since the notorious pirate Blackbeard lost his ship, the Queen Anne’s Revenge in Beaufort waters. Since that time, many legends have emerged, some based on facts, some born of imagination. Either way, Blackbeard has become an inseparable part of our story!

August 10-11 of this year, The Beaufort Pirate Invasion will acknowledge this part of our history by adopting the theme,
“The Year of Blackbeard”, coinciding with other events in the community.

Every August, The Beaufort Pirate Invasion attracts thousands of people to our community to be entertained by pirate-themed activities and historical re-enactments while enjoying spending time in the nation’s “Coolest Small Town.”

The Beaufort Pirate Invasion, Inc., is a community-based organization comprised of dedicated volunteers, historical re-enactors and history enthusiasts. Our mission is to celebrate the rich history of our town by bringing to life our interpretation of the Spanish attack of 1747 and the history of piracy along our coast.

This year, The Beaufort Pirate Invasion, Inc., will donate a portion of the event proceeds to the Bonehenge Whale Center, a project of the Carolina City Maritime Foundation. Learn more atĀ www.bonehenge.org. @beaufortpirateinvasion